Our Legal Team

Meleni V. David

Osgoode Hall Law School, Bar of Ontario
@Ext. 222
E-mail: melenid@mdlaw.ca

“As an advocate my role is to provide quality legal services for my clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. My experience and enthusiasm include delivering high quality, efficient service in a cost effective manner, and offering practical solutions to clients’ legal concerns. As a member of the South Asian community, I firmly believe that all clients are entitled to know their rights and be adequately represented before the courts. I am pleased to offer my clients with service in different languages. I take pride in the reputation I have gained working in my community as not only being an expert in my field but being noted as a respectful and honest professional.”


Queen’s University, Faculty of Law, Bar of Ontario
@Ext: 227
E-mail: ramonap@mdlaw.ca

“A serious injury can be life changing. I am passionate about helping others in their hour of need, whether this means negotiating effective settlements, appearing in front of the Superior Court of Justice, or speaking with a client about his or her case. With extended office hours and experienced support staff, The Law Office of Meleni David provides excellent service to all of their clients and will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.”

Anil Hampole

University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Bar of Ontario
@Ext: 290
Email: anilh@mdlaw.ca

“I have always been passionate about helping people. As a lawyer I understand the importance of protecting the legal rights of people who have been seriously injured in an accident. Accidents can leave victims unprepared, frightened, and unsure how to proceed. The Law Office of Meleni David has your best interests in mind and will fight to protect your rights
every step of the way with professionalism and care.”

Karanbir Sidhu

University of Leicester, Faculty of Law, Bar of Ontario
@Ext: 290
Email: karanbirs@mdlaw.ca

When facing a sudden and serious injury, clients put their trust in their lawyer to be their voice when they are voiceless. I take this trust seriously, ensuring that my services are professional, reliable, and always in the best interest of the client. Alongside my strong legal ethics and practice, my approach to adequately representing clients utilizes core values of fairness, integrity, respect, and efficiency. My job is to make sure you are heard and supported, so that your injury is much easier to deal with. The Law Office of Meleni David goes above and beyond to ensure a successful settlement for your personal injury case. For us every case – every client – matters deeply.


The Law Society of Upper Canada
@Ext: 262
Email: hufrizt@mdlaw.ca

“Great figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther King” caused massive changes and few would deny their impact on the world in which we now live. Sometimes, however change and making a difference comes in smaller or less distinct steps. Laws make a difference, and it is often the little things that make the big difference. This is what fascinates me. I view Law as a career in which I will have an opportunity to improve the lives of others. My services are well thought out, researched and prepared strategies, to get the best possible results. Attention to detail as well as action-focused direction gets my clients resolutions effectively. My work is carefully outlined, detailed and allows for the unexpected to be incorporated effectively and within the boundaries of the laws that best represent my clients and their case.”