Motor vehicle accident – accident benefits

Accident Benefits are available to all parties involved in an accident regardless of fault. These benefits include Treatment, Rehabilitation, Income Replacement and Attendant Care expenses, among others. More extensive benefits are available to those who are considered catastrophically injured. The law Office of Meleni David will work for you by navigating the claims process from the adjuster stage all the way to the tribunal (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) or court level.

Motor vehicle accident – TORT

A claim in tort is available to those who are involved in an accident and have sustained serious, permanent injuries, which are deemed not at fault. This claim must be commenced before certain statutory limitations and can only be handled by a lawyer (not a paralegal). Representation by The Law Office of Meleni David will include notifying the negligent party of your potential action, building your file and pursuing the claim all the way to trial.

Slip (trip) and fall

Through the Occupier’s Liability Act, people injured by way of slipping or tripping and falling in public or private property may advance a claim in tort. Such incidents include those caused by poor property maintenance, lack of hazard signs, non-compliant building/construction, slippery surface (ice, snow, liquid), uneven surface etc. If you are injured in any incidents such as these, we encourage you to consult with The Law Office of Meleni David to determine whether you are eligible for a claim and subsequently to assist you in bringing your claim forward.

Other negligence claims

In addition to representing you in motor vehicle accident and slip (trip) and fall cases, The Law Office of Meleni David will also work with you in pursuing other types of negligence cases. These cases include dog bites and product defects, among others. If you are injured in an incident that was caused by another party’s negligence or failure to fulfill its safety obligations, The Law Office of Meleni Davd invites you to consult with us to help you understand your rights and to explore ways that we may be able to represent you.

Notary and commissioning

For all Notary and Commissioning services and preparation of legal documents, contact us. We will be happy to assist you in the most expedient way.